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I have a server on an intranet. That server will host a website. Client Desktop Computers on the intranet will use the website. Within the website there is a page that needs to record weight of a container. On some, 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron BUT NOT ALL, of the client desktop computers there will be a scale connected to their client desktop computer. The users of those computers need to be able to put a container on the scale and have the weight appear on the webpage of the website that is hosted on the server. Scale is connected to the client desktop computer with a USB connector.

Because of the way browsers are designed, this is not a simple matter. But when it is for an intranet, then you should have complete control of the client desktop computers. If you support Internet Explorer on the intranet, then the creation of an ActiveX control to "Comprar Gh Jintropin" read the USB port is a viable solution. Such an ActiveX control can communicate directly with the scale if the Stanozolol 1 Comprimido Por Dia manufacturer gives you a component to use (dll). Or, I can point you Visual Basic code examples that read the USB port using serial I/O. That is more complex because you would need to understand the way the scale communicates, down to the communication protocol and the bytes exchanged. Here are the issues you will face (and may already have solved in your organization):1. Security concerns with installing ActiveX controls in house.2. Platform dependency: XP, Vista, Windows 7.3. Browser and version.4. We do support IE infact it the only one we use. The scale company dose not have a dll. The scale company told us that their scales send out the data constatly and it does tell us what the protocols and bytes.

So once the AxtriveX is created where do I put it, on the server on the client machine? How would it work exactly?

The user opens the web application. Then goes to the webpage where they are suppose to enter the weight Masteron King shown on the scale in a textbox. Then what?

Thank again

The ActiveX control is downloaded with the page and installed the first time. You may have seen this in some websites you visit where the bar just under menu "Oxandrolone Powder India" displays and asks permission, if security is set up that way. If it read the data on a timer and was sure the weight value had been stagnant for a sufficient length of time (3 5 seconds, etc.), then it would post the value into the "Comprar Gh Jintropin" textbox. By stagnant, I mean that the weight had been registered for a sufficient length of time to be accurate. That will be dependent upon the sensitivity of the scale and the operator actions. If you jiggle a scale, the weight will fluctuate. The data has to be "submitted" in order to send it to the server.

It will be later tonight before I can post it. You will get an e mail when I update the code. If you can post any links to the documentation from the manufacturer, I may be able to incorporate some of that for you to start with. This is only going to be an example. Full programming of the ActiveX control will need to be done according to your in house specifications. This is exploratory, and the code will be in a regular Visual Basic format for the example. You could decide to buy that version or not, after you decide to go through with the control. In the pdf doc you will find the bit rates and the protocols for the scale.

Other info you might need.

I have VB6 and know how to program in VB6

the server is SQL 2003

we use IE6 and IE7

We use XP os

What do you mean by "Full programming of the ActiveX control will need to be done according to your in house specifications. " what specifications??? Also not sure what "This is exploratory, and the code will be in a regular Visual Basic format for the example." means please explain. I was trying to explain that any full development is currently outside the scope of your question, for the above reasons, and timewise. I also can recommend what version the control should be coded in until you decide on the server. I create the example code in Visual Basic 6, using generic methods. I don want to presume too much until you have an example you can work with using the scale directly.

In this example, you would install your scale and any software needed to make a USB have a "fake port". Then using the correct port id and port name you would connect to the device. If that is successful, I chose "S" as a value to write to the device because that is documented as a "status request". Then immediately the code reads from the port and will either report an error or will display the results to to the received area. It is a good idea to open the project in VB 6 and set breakpoints to follow the code. The module was written by David M. Hitchner and has no posted restrictions on the usage. It should remain portable through Vista and Windows 7 with potentially slight modifications to CreateFile.

Unfortuantly I had to "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" leave work and will not be able to test you example until tomorrow. Will you be on line then?

Also wanted to ask you abou the example.

Do I run the example on the client machine?

If I am reading this correctly you are telling me to set up the scale on the client machine. Then run the example on the client machine. Put in the port ID and port name for the virtual port created for the scale on the client machine. Then click connect. If I don get an error then I click on the "Write" button to send "S" to the scale to see if we get the status of the scale back.

I am reading that correctly? Becasue if I am I don see how this will send the data from the virtual port of the scale to the web application on the server.

What am I missing.

The example code is to help you write an ActiveX control that communicates with the scale. Then you need to write a web page that uses the ActiveX control to send the data to the server. On the server side you need to write code to handle the data that is submitted when the user clicks a button to submit the value from the client machine. The scope of your question doesn encompass the time it would take to write such an application from beginning to end. I thought you were looking for information on how to do it. So I outline the steps that need to be taken with time guesstimates because I don know your level of experience with these steps:1. Create a Visual Basic application that polls the scale for it status and parses serial port communication for the stagnant weight (8 hours).2. Create an ActiveX control that utilizes the code developed in the Visual Basic application. Expose methods and properties to be used by the web page (8 hours).3. Design and develop a web page that interacts with the ActiveX control to receive the Is Testosterone Propionate Illegal weight from the scale and place it into a textbox using JavaScript on the client side (4 8 hours).4.