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´╗┐Parks Department officers wrote summonses ranging between $50 and $200 "Anaboliset Aineet" for to comply with bicycle "Anabolika Definition" restrictions including running red lights, speeding, and riding against traffic as part of a ticket blitz intended to improve safety along the loop, according to city officials.

The summons figures obtained by The Brooklyn Paper are the first concrete evidence that the city wasn just spinning its wheels when it promised to crack down on rogue cyclists in November.

are part of the problem, too. cyclists who train for races on the loop say the lights should be set to blink yellow all the time letting pelotons cruise through without facing the risk of tickets Comprar Levitra because there are few other "Oxandrolone Powder India" places in the city where they can train.

Too much enforcement, they say, could morph Brooklyn backyard, and the outdoor culture it attracts, into what feels more like a Singapore style police state.

Park activists, however, contend serious enforcement is necessary because the roadway was not designed to be used as a velodrome.

very first concern must be for the safety of the public, said Geoffrey Croft of NYC Park Advocates. number of cyclists [are] moving way too fast. bicycle crackdown comes on the heels of several high profile crashes, including one that landed 54 year old walker Linda Cohen in the hospital in a medically induced coma.

Those collisions sparked an impassioned movement to make the roadway less chaotic, starting with a controversial effort to slow cyclists on a dangerous downhill by funneling them into a narrow chute lined on both sides by traffic barrels. Workers yanked the barrels before a panel of city officials and park advocates unveiled a plan to redesign the roadway that promises to give less room to motorists and more space to pedestrians and cyclists but also calls for more outreach and enforcement along the drive.

The ticket blitz pleases Nancy Moccaldi, a close friend of Cohen, who suffered brain damage after a Methenolone Enanthate Effects cyclist hit her in the park.

BrianVan from Kips Bay says:

Natalie, when will you devote as much column space to cars killing people in Brooklyn almost daily? Or is that not a story because death is just a routine consequence of privilege tendency to cater to the small, irrational group of people who would care about this story while neglecting far more serious road safety concerns is an indication that you should not be working as a beat journalist. You not reporting as much as you are carrying water for fringe, extremist community groups who want all the free press you can shovel at them. It means you never get this story right; you only trigger screaming matches among irrelevant, narcissistic people who love to argue and would have done it without your help anyway. These people waste our time. And you waste our time in telling us about them 2 3 times a week.

BTW, has anyone yet to point out the absurdity of the police assigning nearly 200 tickets in the dead Masterton Region of winter for the offense of RIDING A BIKE IN A PARK? They must have a lot of free time lately! I guess I didn hear about when they caught the Park Slope rapist!

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Doug G. from Park Slope says:

The 78th Precinct wrote 22 speeding tickets to drivers in the month of January in the entire Oral Turinabol 10mg precinct. It wrote 7 tickets to drivers for failure to yield to pedestrians. Just one ticket for improper turning and zero tickets for illegal u turns.

A radar gun study by Park Slope Neighbors showed 193 drivers speeding in Prospect Park in just two hours.

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wkgreen from Park Slope says:

The idea that NYPD would crack down on speeding bikes and not on cars is just weird. A bicycle can only hit the 25 mph speed limit at one location, and then just barely. Most that were found to be speeding in the crackdowns in Nov. and Dec. were doing less than 30. The fastest one was clocked at 31 MPH. Cars on the loop, on the other hand, routinely break the law. In fact a recent survey by Eric McClure of Park Slope Neighbors found that 193 out of 195 vehicles there exceeded the limit with one going as fast as 53. In fact half of all drivers were going at least 39 mph. Unlike bikes, however, cars are capable of maintaining max. speed anywhere along the full extent of the road.

By all means ticket bikes for going the "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" wrong way (especially the ones without lights when it is dark) or for impeding or endangering pedestrians in the crosswalk when they have the right of way, but if the problem of bicycles is speeding then the solution is simple.

But citing cyclists for speeding when 99% of drivers are breaking the speed limit, some at highway speeds? Park Slope Neighbors radar survey found that the average speed of cars in the park was more than 38 MPH 13 MPH over the speed limit. No single bicycle could even reach the AVERAGE speed of drivers.